What do U.S. companies look for in a candidate?

Looking for a remote job in the United States? Learn these tips on what these companies are looking for.

When we find ourselves in the job search, we may feel desperate to find a position as quickly as possible, but do we ever consider if the job offers, we are applying to fits our profile?

Employers, headhunters, human resources departments, and all personnel who are looking for talent for a company want to find someone who not only has the skills for the job but who feels identified with the company that will hire him or her. And of course, this also applies to companies in the United States.

Labor barriers have been broken and thanks to the internet, anyone in the world with access to a computer can work from anywhere in the world. And what will these international companies be looking for?

Let’s talk specifically about the United States. More and more companies are looking for bilingual professionals in Latin America, generally, these companies do not discriminate by age, race, or beliefs, they focus on looking for skills and expertise.

So, the first thing they look for are professionals who fit the job opportunity in terms of experience, fit the company in values, and specific skills.

Another aspect that U.S. companies look for is adaptability and flexibility. Generally, these remote positions require a high level of self-discipline and commitment, and alignment with the culture.

Additionally, time is of the essence for these companies, punctuality and being concise at the time of an interview and meeting are paramount. Of course, you should not be unfriendly, but be specific with answers and counter questions that show interest.

Finally, it is important to emphasize that these companies are looking for bilingual professionals, who feel confident and can engage in conversation in English and can write in English as well. When you send your resume and you are contacted, speak confidently and answer questions in English with confidence, when you have an interview know about the company, its products, its customers, and publications in networks to know their language, this will show the employer your confidence and interest in the job offer.

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Sara Roldan
Sara Roldan

Recruiting Deparment